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June 16, 2008 – Caylee is last seen alive at the Anthony family residence.

According to the defense, Caylee drowned in the family's above-ground swimming pool sometime during this day and both Casey and George Anthony panicked upon finding the body and covered up her death.

He braved HBO’s appearing on the show shortly before the first anniversary of the night that George shot Trayvon Martin. He blamed them for turning him into a national villain. Fortunately, Hannity—and especially Hannity’s viewers on Fox News—liked him back. But by early 2014, George was nearing the end of his rope. First, Fox News expected the brothers to fly to New York.

Unlike with the news channels, he got paid this time: 0. George, whose legal debt was in the seven figures, briefly had a website that accepted Pay Pal donations, and it lit up every time Hannity mentioned the incident on-air. Ever since he and his wife, Shellie, had an ugly split the previous summer, he’d been effectively homeless, couch surfing around the country. That would require George to show his ID at the airport, possibly to a black person. Even worse, the network wanted them to fly on February 26, the second anniversary of the incident.

Additionally, you can download past shows, chat with hosts and special guests, and e-mail the show host directly.

SIGN UP TODAY » Classic Shows - Now added on a weekly basis, two different full shows, that have fallen out of the five-year archive, are made available for your listening enjoyment.

June 23, 2008 - Anthony Lazzaro testified that he helped Anthony break into the shed at her parents' home to take gas cans for Casey's car, which had run out of gas.

Use this new system to communicate your thoughts, ideas and opinions to George as he makes each night's broadcast.

It was the only income Robert earned that whole year. After George was found not guilty of second-degree murder in July 2013, Robert began thinking about how to accelerate the Zimmerman rebranding project. TV networks were offering to put him up in four-star hotels, and he was desperate to use the bathroom in peace. Robert tried explaining to a producer why that couldn’t work: "It is like 9/11 for my family!

He had a great time doing the show and an even better one afterward over drinks with fellow guest Donna Brazile, an African-American political operative who managed Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. There had to be a way to capitalize on George’s notoriety. He and his mother had an idea: George could be the frontman for a home-security company called Z Security Products. We can’t travel together that day—it’s like having the whole royal family travel together!

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