Reasons for backdating income support

06-Feb-2016 03:51

reasons for backdating income support-46

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I used the phrase 'backdating' as that is the term which has been banded about continuously during the whole palaver.

But all I am trying to do is get my claim started from the date I applied for benefit and not some random point 2 months down the line! You can only have IS backdated in certain circumstances.

We have decided we cannot pay you income support from 25/08/06." Obviously they have the dates wrong for some reason (god knows whats happening or has gone wrong this time) and also they say they cant pay me from that date as the law gives a list of special reasons that allow claims to be backdated, and they can only backdate it if the reason is on the list.

reasons for backdating income support-46

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Get some simple facts in writing, from you and from them, to confirm when you first applied and whether you are entitled to benefit from that date. What you really need is proof of the date when you first asked to put in a claim.

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