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Specimens are often mistaken for and mislabeled as similar species in the series Palmata, such as (Siebold's Maple is a specie of maple native to Japan and common in the forests of Hokkaidō, Honshū, Shikoku and Kyūshū Islands; in the south of the range it is restricted to mountain forests. Food historians tell us Tex Mex cuisine originated hundreds of years ago when Spanish/Mexican recipes combined with Anglo fare.My favorite TV commercial is not the 1984 Apple commercial (although that’s a close number two) but a commercial for Coke Zero (“Coke Zero Roller Girl”). Because their brand says they don’t give out stuff for free. Why you are being honest about what you really think. In many cases (but not all) these are what I call “crappy people”. At first people will come back to you for voyeuristic reasons. Because they know if they watch Real Housewives they aren’t watching anything “Real” and they aren’t watching “Housewives”. We think, “If I say I like this candidate, my friends might hate me.” If I say X, everyone else might say Y. But more and more we start to feel where those boundaries are and we push them out. Every day, just push out those boundaries a little further. But eventually, the boundaries are so far away we begin to feel the pleasures of true freedom. It takes a song that was originally written by Paul Oakenfold. Because they are a straight shooter and the target was on your head. You know who had the original patent that Larry Page tweaked into the Page Rank that made Google (and separately, that Robin Li ALSO tweaked into the patent that became Baidu? The Wall Street Journal.[See, “10 Unusual Things About Google”] They knew how to make Google years before Larry Page even thought of the idea. Their brand says that everything you need to know is trapped inside something with the Wall Street Journal or Dow Jones trademarks printed on it and if it’s not there then it’s not anywhere. We push them further and further away from ourselves. One Tex-Mex item that may someday rival the pizza as an extraordinarily successful ethnic dish is the fajita...introduced at Ninfa's in Houston on July 13, 1973, as tacos al carbon.Here are stories, analogies, research findings and other examples that provide wonderful illustrations for learning, and inspiration for self-development.These trees are found in part in the Carolina forest zone.They are ideal for your gardens, parks or for their lumber value.

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The combination platter of enchiladas, tacos, and tortillas became the unvarying standards of the Tex-Mex menu, while new dishes like chimichangas (supposedly invented in the the 1950s at El Charro restaurant in Tucson, Arizona) and nachos (supposedly first served at a consession at Dallas's State Fair of Texas in 1964...) were concocted to please the American palate....

Tex Mex, as we Americans know it today, is a twentieth century phenomenon.

Dictionaries and food history sources confirm the first print evidence of the term "Tex Mex" occured in the 1940s.

The dude in the spot hadn't really been it too many commercials before this. The agency wanted the guy to say something in this shot.

There's one shot that I will always remember shooting - you see the monkey open the car door - the woman looks to the guy and he just kind of smiles and shrugs...

Stories, examples, fables and research references add colour and substance to presentations and reports, and reinforce learning of all types.